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Emotionally Explosive Scenes ~ @oddlynn #rndrobin0628 #LynnCrain

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Welcome to another Round Robin event. This month we’re talking about our best explosive scene, literally or figuratively, physically or emotionally. Basically, the fireworks of your story.

It took me a while to decide just what I wanted to do since normally this blog only does things about Vienna. My one story set here does have emotional scenes but none has the impact of the scene I decided to use and had mentioned last time I did this Round Robin. Also, in the genres I write there are the occasional fight scenes as well. Sometimes the scene is huge in that it takes place in space with large ships and lots of big guns. But for me, I decided that the scene needed to be something really emotional. Gut wrenching even. So, here’s a scene from my book The Thing About Elves. In it the hero realizes he can’t do any more for the heroine and has to leave her fate to the gods. And in a way, it is about Vienna since I am penning the final book in this series and it will be done later this year.


It’s been two years since Angie’s friend, Tessa, got married to Jedrick and introduced her to his brother, Ardan.  From the moment, she saw him she knew he was the man for her.  There’s only one problem…he’s elf…an elf who swears human and elves don’t mix. But Angie has other plans in mind.

Ardan sat by Angie’s bed. There was nothing more that he could do. It had been almost twenty-four hours and she hadn’t stirred at all. He had failed. For the first time in his life he had failed himself and the people he loved. But most of all he had failed Angie Hudson.
Taking her hand in his, he looked at the small hand. In all the time he had her, he never really looked at her hands. They were tiny, like the rest of her. The nails were trimmed neat. And within those hands were a power he never thought possible. Those hands could heal with just one touch. Why hadn’t he realized how powerful they were from the start?
He didn’t want to in the beginning, he knew. He tried to deny the hold that she had over him but he couldn’t. And now he would never get the chance to explain to her just how wrong he had been. Caressing her hand gently, he knew that the last sense to leave the body was one’s hearing.
“I am so sorry for everything, muileach,” he whispered.  “Tha mi duilach. I understand that you are probably in a far better place. I just wish now that I had realized what a jewel I had in my grasp. I was so wrong for pushing you away, for not allowing you in. I don’t know the consequence of us just starting Nor’ahkeem. I just know that I will love you forever. You are my cridhe. Tha gaol agam ort. I beseech Scathach for your very soul.”
He gulped hard. “Maybe if I tell you about how I envision our life you’ll come back to me. We both love helping people and will continue to do so until we die. And that should be a very long time from now. I kinda thought that we could do some of the Doctors without Borders thing you seem to like so much. Plus, we don’t have to stay here all the time. I know that there are some ancient elven lands in Scotland and other European places for us to visit. I know that you would love to see some of those places.”
Clutching her hand, he tried hard to keep it together. “And I want children. Lots of children. I want children with you and now…”
Ardan leaned his head on the bed, clutching her hand and began to sob heartwrenching, deep sobs. They came from the very depths of his soul.

This scene was powerful to write and read. I cried when I wrote it and many times today, I cry when I read it. Hope you enjoyed it!

The Thing About Elves is the second book in my Santa’s Elves series and you can find it at eXtasy Books here.


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