Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Impressions

This entry was written June 14, 2011.

As I sat at my new dining room table, I think about my first days here as a temporary Viennese citizen. We landed in the late afternoon specifically so that we could stay up until normal bedtime. Normal is a word I use lightly as it was far from the truth. The whole coming-to-Vienna thing was beyond normal as it happened very, very fast. 

Truthfully, it seemed as if my husband had just accepted the job and bang – we’re here, trying to fit in with the locals as if we know what we’re doing. The day we landed was considered a typical spring day with puffy, almost thunder-like, clouds in the sky. The sky is blue and along with the white puffs, I’m totally reminded of my early years in southern Ohio. Some of those days had fond memories, some do not as I remember hot, muggy images and drenched clothes. 

We hop in a taxi and in no time are at the Marriott Hotel for three fantastic days. This was the first place I had stayed when we came for a winter meeting in February. That month is literally the polar opposite of May as it was cold beyond all belief. I knew if we moved here, new winter clothes were in order as those I brought with me did little to take the bit out of the wind. Then again, I’m a desert baby and this only proved it more.

We would move to temporary housing shortly after our arrival but the first weekend was important to us with few or little hassle. Immediately, we are thrown into the house search the next day and are going all over the city to the various districts to assess where we might want to live. The places are nice but I don’t really connect to any of them or their owners. T

Then there’s the issue of food. All I can think is that I am very thankful the food is free at the Marriott because our youngest is bottomless and wants to find all the American food he can. The dear husband and I want to try new things, not just the McDonald’s down the street. There seems that there is one on every corner and a few other American fast food joints as well. Alas, there are no Taco Bell’s and that where I’d fast food it. Eventually, we do work it out and convince the youngest that he needs to be a true international traveler thus trying the cuisine of where he is.

Now, getting him to do other activities is hard. All he wants is to find a basketball court and make new friends doing something he loves. Can’t fault him there as I am hoping for a desk soon so I can do the same. We do manage to get him to a museum or two as well as some parks but there are days he does his own thing and we do ours.

It’s slow going as we settle into Austrian life. They have such different standards than we do but that is another tale. Regardless of these things, I can tell we will enjoy our time here immensely.


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