Friday, November 4, 2011

The Colors of Fall

            Just last week, I noticed the color around here was bursting at the seams. Coming from Nevada, we’re lucky to get any fall color as one day the leaves are on the trees and the next they are just gone. So I’ve been pleasantly surprised with each sojourn outside the amount of color I’ve seen. From greens to yellows to reds, the colors are fantastic and brilliant.
            I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the pictures from the weekly walk in Hauptallee that I had managed to capture some of those wonderful colors. Another thing captured in the photos were the diversity of leaves and how they all color differently. Again, being from a desert and even though I live in an Arbor community, I am really not used to this type of diversity.
            I knew there were days in early fall, when all the leaves were still green, that I would just gaze out the window at the greenery across the street from our apartment. I’d not lived anywhere with seasons in so long, I find the whole process completely fascinating and new.
            I know many of you are saying that you think I’m crazy for wanting all the seasons but I’ve always loved the changes and the snow. There is just something beautiful about the glistening white substance that can never be replaced. We’ll see if I’m singing this song when it actually happens. LOL! But right now, it’s wonderful to fantasize about how it might be.
            Today, I have a series of pictures taken the last weekend showing the colors of fall. Many trees have already lost their leaves, so their bounty was spread on the ground everywhere. Pup Harry decided it was time to play in the leaves, tossing them up in the air he raced round and round, playing with them as we watched. It was a wonderful sight to see that he was taking so much joy from such a simple thing. I sincerely hope you agree.

            See you next time!



  1. What took you to Vienna?

    Your pictures are lovely and Harry looks like quite the treasure. I've never been out of the you in Vienna peaked my curiosity.

    Thanks for sharing your site, Lynn.

  2. Hi Kay Dee!

    My husband took a job with an organization called the CTBTO that's affiliated with the UN here. We'll be here for at least three years and he might add some time to that. Personally, I'm hoping not as it isn't home! LOL!


  3. Autumn is my favorite season - so colorful and the scent in the air just stirs something inside, I missed it so much when I lived in a warmer client for a few years. Your dog is adorable too!

  4. Thanks, Debora, for stopping by. Autumn is mine as well for the colors. The air is crisp and time just seems to slow down a little bit.

    Yes, Harry is adorable and he knows. He'll have his own blog in 2012. It's being designed right now.